Hound Haven – Towards Happier and Healthier Dogs

17/ 07/ 2015

Hound Haven – Towards Happier and Healthier Dogs

  • Jul 17, 2015
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It is a great gift to be able to share our daily lives with a dog. Their simple ways, zeal for life and never ending loyalty makes them wonderful beings. Knowing that they deserve all the tender care and more, it is rather saddening to know that a huge number of these furry beings are bred in miserable conditions.


2 years ago, Kabir Chatrath, founder of Hound Haven and a patron of Alphapet set out on a mission that changed his life. Never had he imagined that the search for an English Mastiff for adoption would end with him making a sanctuary for dogs. It was a journey inspired by Floyd, who came to Kabir aged six weeks, frail, sad and broken.


Kabir’s story began when he decided that he wanted to adopt an English Mastiff. But with unhygienic conditions, cramped spaces and lies behind bloodlines, the visit to a number of breeders left him disheartened. ‘The environment in which the dogs were being raised was terrible. Pure breeding and good health was a far cry. I had to do something fast for I was losing sleep now’, he recounts. 

After a long search, Floyd was finally found and adopted by Kabir. However, the poor puppy with acute gastric distress, frail body and a tick infested coat was close to dying. ‘The little one kept scratching and whimpering. He rarely responded to the calls made by my family members or me’, recalls Kabir. Floyd hadn’t been receiving proper care and attention, getting him to a stage where most people would not even look at him let alone adopt him. Kabir’s paternal instincts took over him and he provided Floyd with more than food, shelter and medicines – he gave him love and adoration.


The moving experience with Floyd made Kabir resolve to set up Hound Haven in 2013 with the aim to improve breeding conditions. The need for a healthy environment where dogs could be raised with care and respect had been realized and Hound Haven has now come up as one such place with facilities in Gurgaon, Samrala and Dalhousie.


Hound Haven truly lives up to its name and Kabir has taken a great step as a dog breeder towards the development of breeding conditions. By providing excellent care and facilities, he has reared dogs of various breeds (Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, Maltese, Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, Cairn Terrier, Poocairn, Jack Russel Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Poodlington, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Boxer, Siberian Husky and Tibetan Mastiff to name a few) in a healthy home.

Brushed shiny coats, manicured nails, flossed teeth and clean ears, prancing about with joy and playful bark; every pet enthusiast wants to own such a furry best friend who is happy and in the pink of their health. Hound Haven has joined hands with Alphapet to accomplish the priority of health for all its dogs. With their bags full of expertise and experience, the duo will certainly make a difference to the present pet conditions and give dogs a happier, healthier life.

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