A tired dog is a well behaved dog

15/ 07/ 2015

A tired dog is a well behaved dog

  • Jul 15, 2015
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When asked the definition of exercise for pets, most people would refer to the 30 minute daily walk which accompanies their pooch’s call from nature frequenting 2-3 times a day. Time and again we stress on the need for taking our pets outdoors, but are we doing it right?

Well, most of us realize that outdoors is ‘good’ for our pooches. But did you know how ‘critical’ it is for their overall physical, emotional and mental health? First of all, the daily walks your pet takes for his bodily rituals can hardly be categorized under this term. What we are talking about here is whether your pet gets to run around freely on ground, plays with his four legged or two legged buddies, go for a swim or any other such activity.

Let me start with some obvious and some not so obvious benefits of taking your dog out to meet the world:

  • Keeps his weight in control. Remember, your dog can extend his life by 2 years by regulating his weight.
  • Extremely important for his bones. An overweight dog suffers majorly with bones related issues.
  • Important for all other body functions. Running around helps in smooth functioning of a dog’s digestive system, liver, kidneys, muscles and other parts.
  • Healthier coat and immunity. Lack of sufficient sunlight is very common in urban pooches. Sunlight is not only important for his bones but also helps your pet’s coat to stay on a more normal shedding cycle. It works wonders on his immune system as well.
  • Relieves depression from your dog. Pets spending long hours indoors can suffer from mood swings, boredom, depression but these issues can easily be tackled by spending time with them outdoors.
  • Helps develop a closer human-pet bond. When you play with your dog outside the confines of your home, your pet develops a deeper bond of trust and companionship.
  • Channelizing the energy. Puppies especially can become very destructive if their high energy does not get a proper medium of release. Tire them out and see how they turn into obedient and adorable fur-balls.

As far as benefits go, the list is endless! However, I would like to conclude with one suggestion. Find a safe spot where you can let your dog loose, be it your backyard, lawn, the society park or any other place where you can spend some quality time with your pooch.

About author :

Vikalp Srivastava is co-founder of Cafe Canine in Gurgaon- a dog park where pets are welcome but leashes are not. FB page or website: www.cafecanine.in


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